Delving into a century of genre films that by turns utilized, caricatured, exploited, sidelined, and finally embraced them, Horror Noire traces a secret history of Black Americans in Hollywood through their connection to the horror genre. Debuting as Shudder’s first original documentary and adapted by executive producer Robin Means Coleman’s seminal book, Horror Noire will present the living and the dead, using new and archival interviews from scholars and creators; the voices who survived the genre’s past trends, to those shaping its future.



See What The Critics Are Saying:


“An excellent example of how to make cinema history accessible, informative, and even moving for a broader audience” Vulture


“Horror Noire is a must-see for horror fans, film-lovers in general, and for anyone concerned with issues of social justice and representation”Forbes


“It’s important to think of Horror Noire as a first chapter, a beginning point in our discussion of blackness within the genre. It stands out as a necessary documentary within the genre, because it doesn’t seek to drag us back to the past, but to make us aware that where we’ve been is all the more crucial because of where we are and where we’re going” – The Hollywood Reporter


thoughtful, exhilarating watch, which finds hope in even the bloodiest mawThe Verge 


Beyond serving as a contextualized documentation of African-American engagement with horror, the filmmakers hope “Horror Noire” will contribute to the ongoing debate around race, history, and the genre, and trigger more nuanced on-screen explorations into the power wielded by the genre.” – IndieWire


Horror Noire provides a loving survey of horror made for black audiences, and a list of must-see classics to watch (or rewatch) for every horror fan Polygon

From its very first airing, America fell in love with this hardworking family of farmers, making Farm Kings the first non-scripted series to ever run for four seasons on Scripps network, GAC. This hit series brings us into the world of the King Family of Freedom Farms. They’re new school farmers with old school charm who manage hundreds of acres of farmland. They decide what gets planted where and they plant and pick all day, everyday, while also running three other businesses, a home market, sandwich shop and bakery, around the clock 7 days a week. But ultimately the Kings don’t call the shots, Mother Nature does. If they can’t grow it, they can’t sell it. And when they can’t sell, they can’t survive. Farming in the 21st century can be unbearable, so it’s a good thing these Kings have a passion for work and for family that is unmatched anywhere. Nine brothers, one sister and a spitfire matriarch called Mama Bear make this crew the strongest farming family in the good old U S of A. From dawn to dusk and beyond, their day doesn’t end until their work is finished, but as farming goes, the work is never done.

This bar makeover show for the Travel Channel takes us around the country, where celebrity bouncer and bodyguard Chuck Zito and his expert team turn around the sorriest roadhouses in desperate need of an overhaul. Whether it’s bartenders stealing money, rat infested kitchens or overzealous bouncers, Chuck, his bar expert and his trusty contractor, will renovate these roadhouses from top to bottom. While he may not be welcome when he rolls into town, Chuck will always leave a successful business and happy customers behind when he’s done.

After two successful seasons, the women of NUVOtv’s hit reality show are hotter than ever. This docu-series goes behind the scenes of NYC’s plus-size modeling industry and shows what it really takes to make it in this competitive niche world. Five successful models who are confident and sexy on the runway, but full of more drama and conflict than the Big Apple can handle. Fiery romances are rekindled, baby gossip blossoms, mommy-hood beckons turning the fierce factor up to 11!

This harrowing show premiering on LMN in October takes you deep inside the mind of a serial killer. We’ll hear chilling stories through the killer’s own confession, insight from former FBI criminal profilers and first-hand accounts from investigators, prosecutors, surviving victims, and journalists connected to the case. Killer Profile examines the crimes, behavior and motives behind some of the most maniacal killers ever.

For couples who dream about being married in the Big Apple, Gino Filippone is THE man to call. Location, location, location! as Gino would say, is the real star of this new WE tv series, Marry Me In NYC. A former tour guide, Gino knows the city like the back of his hand, and has become the go-to guy for the “hitch-and-go” wedding. Gino not only arranges the details of these unique ceremonies, but he also steps in as the ordained officiant (and more often than not, as an impromptu relationship counselor.) But he couldn’t do it all without the help of his assistants, identical twin sisters Marisa and Sandra.

In each episode of Marry Me in NYC, we follow the stories of two engaged couples who each dream of tying the knot amongst the beautiful backdrops, skylines and chaos of New York City. Some weddings are under a time crunch and most are on a budget. Together, Gino and his assistants officiate and plan up to 250 weddings a year, sometimes multiple ceremonies on the same day!

Once Gino gets a feel for what each couple hopes for, his first priority is locking down where the wedding will take place. No location is too outlandish for Gino; he plans weddings at some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including Grand Central Station, Times Square, Central Park, and Coney Island. Permits, marriage licenses, and even the weather are all challenges that Gino’s small team must oversee. On Marry Me in NYC, traditional ceremonies go out the window as Gino zips around the five boroughs making dream weddings a reality.

The Last Goodbye is a new original series featuring spiritual medium, Rebecca Rosen, as she uses her unique gift in an attempt to connect people seeking answers from their deceased family and loved ones. In each episode of The Last Goodbye, viewers will follow Rebecca as she looks to bring people together with the spirits of those they’ve lost to help resolve the questions that death has left behind. Loved ones, who never had the chance to ask a last question or express an unspoken thought to a late family member or friend, are given the opportunity to communicate through Rebecca.

In this original series for the DIY network, Chic Geek Janna Robinson uses her vast knowledge of the latest and greatest technology to give celebrities a jaw-dropping makeover with everything from over-the-top home theatres to decked out listening rooms to dazzling outdoor entertainment spaces.

Silence of the Lambs: The Inside Story takes viewers deep within the labyrinth of one of cinema’s most thrilling films. With interviews from cast and crew, including stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, viewers will find out how a film with a young director trained in B-movies and cheesy comedies managed to make one of the most chilling films in decades, and how a studio in the midst of collapse could turn out a film that took the box office and Oscars by storm. Inside Story examines how, after fighting for and being passed over for the role, Foster was able to make the transition from child star to silver screen sensation, and how an all-but-retired Hopkins was coerced back into the Hollywood scene to create one of the most indelible villains in film history.

We go behind-the-scenes on one of the most successful film franchises of all time in Halloween: The Inside Story uncovering John Carpenter’s fright fest that redefined the horror genre in the late 1970s. Shot over 21 days in 1978, for just $300k, Halloween became the highest-grossing independent movie ever made, earning $47 million at the box office and making a star of then unknown Jamie Lee Curtis. Inside Story uncovers how writer and director John Carpenter made movie magic on a shoestring budget even cutting costs by composing the theme song and how the costume department created one of the most iconic horror villains in movie history by spray painting a mask of Captain Kirk.