Biography: Morgan Freeman


He was a man with a dream – and refused to give up. Morgan Freeman didn’t hit the big time until late in life. His road to stardom was an unusual one, coming from humble beginnings in the swamps of Mississippi and the backstreets of Chicago all during tumultuous times of hate and segregation. But from an early age he, and others, knew he was meant for much more they just didn’t realize how long it would take. A&E Biography: Morgan Freeman takes you on a journey of faith and determination, and how years of trying eventually pay off. With a star-studded cast telling the tale, including Clint Eastwood, Rob Reiner, Kevin Costner, and Hillary Swank, you’ll be glued to your seat. A&E Biography: Morgan Freeman will show the audience how one of the most iconic leading men in Hollywood journeyed through rags to riches and stayed there.

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