Caddy for Life


Caddy for Life is a documentary for the Golf Channel based on John Feinstein’s New York Times best-seller Caddy for Life. It’s a three-part love story between Bruce Edwards and his passion for caddying; his remarkable friendship with golfer Tom Watson; and he and wife Marsha’s on-again, off-again, till-Bruce’s-death-did-them-part relationship.

At the heart of the film is the friendship between Tom and Bruce, the triumphs, disappointments, trust, courage and loyalty that shaped their unique caddy/player relationship. We go in-depth into the ways Bruce and many of his compatriots revolutionized the field of caddying with their pioneering work in the 1970’s. And we hear up-close about Tom and Bruce’s final season together and how Bruce’s fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease inspired everyone who knew him.

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