Farm Kings


From its very first airing, America fell in love with this hardworking family of farmers, making Farm Kings the first non-scripted series to ever run for four seasons on Scripps network, GAC. This hit series brings us into the world of the King Family of Freedom Farms. They’re new school farmers with old school charm who manage hundreds of acres of farmland. They decide what gets planted where and they plant and pick all day, everyday, while also running three other businesses, a home market, sandwich shop and bakery, around the clock 7 days a week. But ultimately the Kings don’t call the shots, Mother Nature does. If they can’t grow it, they can’t sell it. And when they can’t sell, they can’t survive. Farming in the 21st century can be unbearable, so it’s a good thing these Kings have a passion for work and for family that is unmatched anywhere. Nine brothers, one sister and a spitfire matriarch called Mama Bear make this crew the strongest farming family in the good old U S of A. From dawn to dusk and beyond, their day doesn’t end until their work is finished, but as farming goes, the work is never done.

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